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Do's & don'ts for suspicious objects

  • Do not touch or remove the object unless you are duty bound.
  • Do not open the package. Do not puncture package.
  • Do not submerge packet into water.
  • Do not accept identification marks on its face value.
  • Do not pass metallic object over the package.
  • Do not direct flash light directly over the suspected object.
  • Do not cut the strings or wire.
  • Do not bring suspected device in security control room or police station. Always remove the people and not the bomb from scene.
  • Do not attempt to open the baggage by hand.
  • Don't be a dead-hero.
  • You can reconstruct a building or house but you cannot recreate a dead man alive.
  • Do evacuate people immediately to a safe distance.
  • Open all windows & doors.
  • Place sand bags around the suspected object.
  • Inform bomb disposal squad.
  • Inform fire brigade, Hospital & Ambulance.
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